Get Ready to Join The Conversation!

The new school year is under way and we’re all settling into our routines. Now it’s time to start thinking about Edcamp!

Edcamp Edmonton (#edcampyeg) will take place Saturday, October 3rd atĀ Lillian Osborne High School in Edmonton. Our theme this year is “The Ongoing Conversation”. Whether you’re new to the education conversation or looking for new ideas to talk about, Edcamp Edmonton is a great, free opportunity to connect and learn from other local educators.

Registration is open now!

Hope to see you there!


We want you!

If you are a teacher, or will be a teacher, or were a teacher, or are interested in education!

And you have ideas that you want to share, or pilfer, or discuss!

We want you to consider coming to Edcamp Edmonton 2015.

Yes we know it’s a Saturday and they’re precious, but teachers from across Edmonton and around Alberta think it’s worth it.

The registration window is slowly closing. Consider it!

Wondering what it is? It’s worth watching this…

EdCamp Edmonton 2015!

Edcamp Edmonton will happen on October 3, 2015 at Lillian Osborne High School, 2019 Leger Rd. NW, Edmonton (same location as last year). We are excited to be planning a fifth event. We’re looking forward to a fifth (FIFTH!) year of meeting people from all over and learning new things!

Your attention please!!!

Announcing Edcamp 2015!

Saturday October 3rd!!!

Lillian Osborne High School

This is hot off the press, we are definitely in the midst of getting our details organized. In the meantime enjoy this TED talk about Questions. We have many of them yet to answer for this year’s EdCamp, and maybe we’ll come up with answers at Edcamp. In the meantime this might keep you thinking.

We’ll keepĀ  you posted as our plans develop.

Just confirmed – #edcampYEG will be held on Oct. 3, 2015

We will be having our 5th annual edcampYEG conference at Lillian Osborne High School on October 3, 2015.

This is a great chance for educators from all over Alberta to talk about topics which are relevant to them.

Hope to see you there!

If you would like to join us, please register at eventbrite – the link is on this page.

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    Coming soon for the 2015 Edcamp!
    Meeting Sun Sept. 20 @8:45pm

    Organizers meet via Google+ Hangout. Contact one of the organizers if you are interested in participating!